February at the Philharmonic - full of music

NEWS | 01-02-2021
From symphonic and chamber concerts, through jazz and traditional music, to a wide educational offer. Adapting to the new guidelines, we have changed our offer for you so that in February we can meet online even more often

Online meetings till February 14th

UntilFebruary 14th, 2021, the building of the Philharmonic in Szczecin, likeotherculturalinstitutions, will be closed to the public. Thisdoes not mean, however, that the Philharmonicstopsto play. We hope to meetyou online – both on the livefilharmonia.szczecin.pl streaming platform and on our Facebook and YouTubechannels as well.

Only until February 14, we will have five different online premieres for You.

Jose Torres & Havana Dreams

During the next edition of the Rubato series, we will hear Cuban music performed by Jose Torres and the Havana Dreams band. Cuban music taken straight from the Havana streets will sound in the golden hall of the Philharmonic, filling it with a mass of positive energy and joy. The artists will present the standards of Cuban music, which are well-known, for instance, from the film Buena Vista Social Club.
We are happy to invite all music fans to a free live broadcast of the concert on our Facebook and YouTube channels on February 4th, at 7 p.m.

Atom String will play Karłowicz

Atom String Quartet is back with a new album. Together with the brassline-up of the Szczecin Philharmonic Wind Quartet, the artistsrecordedsongs by Mieczysław Karłowicz in completelynew, surprisingarrangements. We are happy to inviteallmusiclovers to a freeconcertpresenting the newmaterial on  Friday, February 5th at 7:00 p.m. on Facebook and YouTube channels.

Musical blending at a family concert

The concert "Blender – the musical art of combining" will answer the questions whether something really delicious can come out of the combination of completely different tastes and sounds. The January family concert will be full of symphonic classics, which we will hear for the first time in a mixed options. Experimenting with the flavours of music can be stunning. Therefore, we would like to invite you on Sunday, February 7 at 17:00 on our Facebook and YouTube channels.

The music of Kisielewski and Strauss

This year's first meeting with RuneBergmann, who leads the Szczecin Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, is about to happen on  February 12th at 7p.m.. During the concert, we will hear the composition of Richard Strauss's Metamorphosen and the Concerto for chamber orchestra by Stefan Kisielewski. Kisielewski is a is a versatile artist who created some orchestral compositions despite the fact that he prioritized his literary work over musical one. Therefore, we are happy to invite you to the livefilharmonia.szczecin.pl streaming platform, access to which costs only PLN 10/20.

Swing Valentine's Day

Paweł Steczek returns to the Philharmonic in Szczecin with a new music project. Swing | Feelings | Life will connect two musical personalities from different parts of the world. Original swing compositions and arrangements by Paweł Steczek interpreted and performed by Michał Grobelny with the accompaniment of the Orchestra and jazz musicians will tell in an American style about feelings and passion for life. This concert will certainly be a perfect complement to a Valentine's evening spent romantically in the privacy of your home. Feel more than welcomed to visit our platform livefilharmonia.szczecin.pl on February 14th at 7 p.m.
Access to the platform costs PLN 10/20.

The partner of the concert is Szczecińska Izba Adwokacka. The concert is sponsored by Dealer BMW Bońkowscy.

The second half of February full of various music

The second half of February also brings many interesting musical offers. We are waiting for a meeting with the latest project of the Asaf Quartet, an online conference Hear the Future – the challenges of acoustic ecology, or symphonic concerts with compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach, Wojciech Kilar, Joseph Haydn, Fryderyk Chopin and Richard Strauss. We will also hear songs from the latest album of the duo Aleksander Dębicz and Łukasz Kuropaczewski "Adela". And, what is more, for all of the collectors of good music and lovers of Szczecin there will be a premiere of the second part of the album "And lived long and in Szczecin 2" with a family concert promoting it.

Feel more than welcome to spend February with us!


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