Concerts with audience participation until March 14

NEWS | 11-03-2021
The cellist Anastasia Kobekina with the accompaniment of the Szczecin Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra conducted by Rune Bergmann and the Penderecki Trio are the artists with whom we will be happy to meet in person during the concerts in the golden hall in the first half of March. On March 5th and 12th, we would like to invite you for the concerts with the participation of the audience. Ticket sales will start on February 26th.
According to the latest government guidelines, all of the events with public participation will be allowed until March 14th. We have two Friday concerts planned, we are prepared and we are more than glad that we will be able to welcome our music lovers to the next events in the golden hall.

Feel more than welcome to also join us on, streaming platform, where we will continuously have new music premieres and an extensive archive of concerts for you.

Karłowicz, Szostakowicz, Schubert

In March, for the first time, our Philharmonic will host Anastasia Kobekina, a Russian cellist hailed by the European press as the undisputed favorite of the audience.

We will have an opportunity to hear two pieces written by composers for their friends and performed by the artist and the Szczecin Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra. The first piece of these two – Serenade in G major – was dedicated by Mieczysław Karłowicz to Zygmunt Butkiewicz. The second is Dmitri Shostakovich's Cello Concerto No. 1 in E flat major, written for Mścisław Rostropowicz. We will complement the virtuoso cello works with Symphony No. 5 by Franz Schubert.

Feel more than welcome to visit us on March 5th at 7:00 pm for the KARŁOWICZ | SZOSTAKOWICZ | SCHUBERT concert with the audience participation. Tickets at the price of PLN 45-55 can be purchased at the Philharmonic box office and at

The concert will also be broadcast on Access to the platform costs PLN 10/20.

The Penderecki Trio

The Penderecki Trio is a new, excellent music group, whose members are outstanding instrumentalists, the winners of international music competitions around the world. The artists try to direct the chamber music to new directions, as well as constantly expand the repertoire of the piano trio by creating innovative artistic events. The activity of the Penderecki Trio will be a tribute to their Patron, the greatest Polish composer of our time.

The concert will begin with the performance of Krzysztof Penderecki's "Chaconna" transcribed by JaeJoon Ryu for the piano trio. The famous part of the "Polish Requiem" will be heard for the first time in the interpretation of this performance. The works of Johannes Brahms and Antonín Dvorák emphasize the emotional musical thought of the ensemble.

Feel more than welcome you on March 1st at 7:00 pm for a concert with the audience. Tickets cost 35-45 PLN.

Ticket sales and security procedures

Tickets for the concerts on March 5th and 12th will be available for sale from February 26th. The online sales will start at 10:00 AM, and stationary sales at 1:00 PM.

The Philharmonic's cash desk will be open:
• from Tuesday to Thursday from 1 p.m. – 6 p.m.
• on Fridays from 1 p.m. – 8 p.m.

We would like to remind you that people staying at the Philharmonic are obliged to follow the Security Procedure for event participants / guests of the Philharmonic Mieczysław Karłowicz in Szczecin during the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic. The full text, which should be read, can be found HERE.

Basic tips for music lovers:

  • cover your mouth and nose, disinfect your hands (the liquid is available at the whole facility) and keep safe distances (at least 1.5 m);
  • we prefer non-cash payments;
  • the participation in the event depends from the guest's obligatory written declaration that, to the best of his/her knowledge, he/she is not an infected person and is not in quarantine or under epidemiological supervision (the template is attached as Annex 1 to the Security Procedure);
  • we recommend that you print the declaration template before arriving at the Philharmonic; the statement together with a valid ticket should be presented to the ticket collector before entering the event and left in the building, in a designated place.

The main partner of the Philharmonic is  BMW Bońkowscy Dealer.>


June 2022
01JUNwd, 09:00
DONUTA PRZEDSTAWIAKoncert z publicznościądla przedszkoli i klas I-III
01JUNwd, 11:00
DONUTA PRZEDSTAWIAKoncert z publicznościądla przedszkoli i klas I-III
01 JUN, wd, 19:00 - GRAŻYNA ŁOBASZEWSKA - 50 LAT NA SCENIEkoncert zewnętrzny
02 JUN, th, 18:00 - AKADEMIA SZTUKIkoncert zewnętrzny
03JUNfr, 15:00
03JUNfr, 16:00
03JUNfr, 19:00
FILM-HARMONY 2021/2022Lord of the Rings based on TolkienSymphonic concert with the audience
04JUNsa, 09:00
Warsztaty "RANIUTTO"Workshops dla dzieci od 1. do 2. roku życia z opiekunami
04JUNsa, 11:00
WARSZTATY „RANIUTTO”Workshops dla dzieci od 3. do 5. roku życia z opiekunami
04JUNsa, 20:00
05JUNsn, 17:00
Koncerty rodzinne 2021/2022 | Filharmonia Szczecin Online 2021/2022Niebieskie pudełkoFree online premieredla dzieci od 6. roku życia z opiekunami
05JUNsn, 17:00
07JUNtu, 09:00
DONUTA PRZEDSTAWIAKoncert z publicznościądla przedszkoli i klas I-III
07JUNtu, 11:00
DONUTA PRZEDSTAWIAKoncert z publicznościądla przedszkoli i klas I-III
10JUNfr, 15:00
10JUNfr, 16:00
10JUNfr, 19:00
GRANDIOSO 2021/2022Season finale | VAUGHAN WILLIAMSSymphonic concert
11JUNsa, 09:00
Warsztaty "RANIUTTO"Workshops dla dzieci od 1. do 2. roku życia z opiekunami
11JUNsa, 11:00
WARSZTATY „RANIUTTO”Workshops dla dzieci od 3. do 5. roku życia z opiekunami
11JUNsa, 12:00
14 JUN, tu, 20:00 - RED BOXkoncert zewnętrzny
15JUNwd, 10:00
Festiwal Słyszę Dobre Dźwięki 2022Wzór na pamięć - niezapomniana konferencjaConference
16JUNth, 19:00
Festiwal Słyszę Dobre Dźwięki 2022Pamiętnik SzczecinaFree online premiere
16JUNth, 20:00
SOUNDLAB 2021/2022 | SOUNDLAB 2022/2023Ollie Howell | Forest Rising
Event rescheduled to 2022-11-12
Concert with audience
17JUNfr, 16:00
17JUNfr, 19:00
Festiwal Słyszę Dobre Dźwięki 2022Niezapominajka | Przeboje muzyki klasycznejSymphonic concert with the audience
18JUNsa, 11:00
Festiwal Słyszę Dobre Dźwięki 2022Łowcy pamięciRodzinna gra miejska
18JUNsa, 12:00
18JUNsa, 13:00
Festiwal Słyszę Dobre Dźwięki 2022Pan DźwiękFamily performance
19JUNsn, 17:00
Festiwal Słyszę Dobre Dźwięki 2022 | Koncerty rodzinne 2021/2022Gdzie jest memo?Family concertdla dzieci od 6. roku życia z opiekunami
21JUNtu, 17:00
24JUNfr, 21:00
25JUNsa, 12:00
TOMORROW29 JUNwd, 19:00
BRILLANTE 2021/2022BREGOVIĆ | Three Letters from SarajevoConcert with the audience
July 2022
01JULfr, 15:00
02JULsa, 12:00
03JULsn, 12:00
05JULtu, 17:00
Gdzie jest memo?Free online premiere
08JULfr, 15:00
09JULsa, 12:00
10JULsn, 12:00
15JULfr, 15:00
16JULsa, 12:00
17JULsn, 12:00
22JULfr, 15:00
23JULsa, 12:00
24JULsn, 12:00
29JULfr, 15:00
30JULsa, 12:00
31JULsn, 12:00
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